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Ward Cemetery

Official Site

Kelleys Creek Road Near Cedar Grove

Kanawha County, West Virginia

Photo Gallery

2013 Ward Cemetery Benefit Gospel Sing 2013 Ward Cemetery Benefit Gospel Sing Ward Church of God 192605757 Harbor Masters Quartet 192605758 Laborers Quartet 192605759 Gospel Sing 192605760 Harbor Masters Quartet 192605761 Harbor Masters Quartet 192605762 J. B. and Wilma Kidd - Zamar 192605763 Gospel Sing 192605764 Bake Sale 192605765 Bake Sale and Hot Dog Sale 192605937 Sherry Smith - Ward Cemetery Caretaker 192605993 Bake Sale 192606000 Bake Sale and Hot Dog Sale 192607471 J. B. and Wilma Kidd - Zamar 192605829 Glasgow Methodist Choir 192605830 Pastor Dalton "Skip" Hudnall - Ward Church of God 192605831 Brighterside Quartet 192605832 Rev. Jimmie McKnight 192605833 St. Paul's Men's Choir 192605834 Zamar Gospel Ministry 192605835 Zamar Gospel Ministry 192605936 Wilma Kidd, J.B. Kidd, Terry Moles 192605938 Harbor Masters Quartet 192605939 Helen Smith and George Tucker 192605970 Thelma Young and Opal Hunley 192605971 Judy Hancock and Helen Smith 192605972 Pat Smith Allen, Opal Hunley, Sherry Smith 192605973 Virginia Hall 192605974 Wilma Kidd 192605976 Ward Church of God 192605977 Rev. Jimmie McKnight 192605979 Gospel Sing 192605994 Glasgow Methodist Church Choir 192605995 Gary Tucker 192605996 J. B. and Wilma Kidd - Zamar Gospel Ministry 192605997 Eleanor Huddleston 192605999 Pastor Dalton "Skip" Hudnall - Ward Church of God 192606001 Eyes of Faith 192606321 Pat Smith Allen and Opal Hunley 192606322 Rev. Jimmie McKnight 192606324 Helen Smith, Judy Hancock, Sherry Smith, Pat Inghram 192606325 Teresa White 192606326 Lois and Austin Fitzpatrick 192606328 Sherry Smith and Pat Smith Allen 192606329 Gospel Sing 192606330 Benji Cline and Dillon Fitzpatrick 199813913 Ernie Haynes 199814283