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Ward Cemetery

Official Site

Kelleys Creek Road Near Cedar Grove

Kanawha County, West Virginia


"Thanks again for YOUR help in caring for the WARD CEMETERY"

The individuals and businesses listed below have donated since May 25, 2020

(May 25, 2020 - June 1, 2021)

This listing is dated June 1, 2021

Please forgive all errors on the sheet.  

If something is wrong please feel free to e-mail me:  [email protected]  

All donations collected are managed by the Ward Cemetery Advisory Committee and are used to finance the care, beautification, and preservation of Ward Cemetery.  Donations help pay for items such as weed eaters, weed eater string, purchase and/or replacement of mowers, mowing equipment repair and maintenance, gasoline, maintenance tools, tree and brush removal, fence repair, hiring and paying a grass cutting crew, and major projects/repairs such as flood damage repair.  (CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS).

Mike & Judy Akers

Jennie Akers

JoAnn & Gilbert Allen

Rodney & Pat Allen

Ava King Anders

Pamela & Brent Anderson

Donna Goodson Ansted*

*(In memory of Don Goodson & the Goodson Family)

Sam & Debbie Arthur

Sandra Austin

Ronald & Sue Bailey

Nahum Balser

Theo & Loretta Balser

Mary Beard

Helen Berry

Donna Estep Bixler*

*(In memory of Robert L. & Icie L Estep)

Roberta Boggs

Marsha Bozeman*

*(To honor & remember

Sam, Lee & Don Goodson)

Nancy Brown*

*(In memory of George & Stella Crum)

Alice Mace Buck

Ike & Judy Buckley*

*(In memory of Ernie Buckley Family)

Jeanie Buckley

Stephen & Christine Burton*

*(In honor of Norma & Leonard Cochran)

Carl & Beth Canterbury

Frederick & Irena Canterbury*

*(In memory of Harvey & Olive  Young)

Kim Clary*

*(In memory of Goodson Family)

John Colbert*

*(In honor of Terri Inghram


Betty Connard

Cooke Funeral Home, Inc.

Larry & Lana Craigo*

*(In memory of George Craigo)

Helen Crum*

*(In memory of Persinger Family)

David & Jane Daniels

John & Pamela Dawson*

*(In memory of John Smailes)

Glenn Davis

Joyce Stinnett Dellinger

Lynn Goodson Eby*

*(In memory of Ball &

Goodson Families)

Goldie Farley*

*(In memory of Herman & Melda Buckley)

Charles & Janet Farren*

*(In memory of John & Ethel  Short)

Judy & George Fizer

Ed & Marilyn Gaunch

Alice Goodson*

*(In memory of Lee Goodson)

Jeff & Brenda Goodson

Mark Goodson

Michael & Ava Goodson

Butch & Leah Green

Danny Hackworth*

*(In memory of the Hackworth Family)  

Betsy Haddad*

*(In memory of Wallace Larck, Jr.)

Ritha Barefield Hamilton

Wilma Harrison

Sylvia Welch Hartwell*

*(In memory of Welch Family)

Lucille House

Eleanor Huddleston*

*(In memory of Cletus


Janet Huddleston*

*(In honor John, Mabel &

Charlie Hill, Lois Morris)

Bonnie Hudnall

Dalton & Sonja Hudnall

Frank Hudnall*

*(In memory of Gail Hudnall)

JD & Brenda Hudnall*

*(In memory of Hudnall Family)

Paul & Janice Hudnall

Philip Hudnall

Sandra Hudson

Roberta Cobb Hughes*

*(In memory of Cobb Family)

John & Pat Inghram*

*(In memory of Frank & Irene Inghram)

Tom & Sue Inghram

Harole Kemp*

*(In memory of Bevery Kemp & Stephens Family)

John & Wilma Kidd*

*(In memory of Wilson & Arbutus O'Dell)

Wanda Legg*

*(In memory of Phyllis Mullens)

Shelia Stone L'Heureux*

*(In memory of Harry and

Juanita Stone)

Jim & Barbara Mann

Willadene Marchese*

*(In memory of Raymond

Alan Tucker)

Donald Maynor

Frank & Rose Maynor

Anna Mae McCallister*

*(In memory of Charles &

Cosie McCallister)

Perry & Ruth McCune

Rosetta McTheney*

*(In memory of Hudnall

and Chapman Familes)

Sandy Inghram Mease*

*(In memory of Inghram Family)

Cantrell & Judy Hill Miller

Jim & Jean Moles*

*(In memory of Mary Alice Wills Moles)

Mary Page

Linda Cobb Paruscio

Sylvia Patechuk*

*(In memory of Ball Family)

Patsy Paxton

Bob & Glenice Perry

Bob & Gloria Phalen

Wanda Pigott

Susan Plumley*

*(In memory of Crowders Family)

Harry & Linda Pritt

Diane & William Ramsey

Garry & Linda Richard

Gene & Janice Richardson*

*(In memory of the Smith, Hunley, Coakley, Peters, Carte & Raines families.)

Cora Rider*

*(In memory of Sizemore & Rider Family)

Lawrence & Marilyn Roark*

*(In honor of George & Edna Horner)

Timothy & Deloris Robinson

Margie Shifflet–Romine

Kathy Sargent*

*(In memory of Sargent, Tucker, Sanborn & Bellew Families)

Loretta Sargent

Ethel Shaffer*

*(In memory of Buck Shaffer)

Margaret Pauley Shawver*

*(In memory of Mann, Pauley, Seabolt,  & Owens Families)

Danny Sheldon

Emerson Smith

Kenny Smith*

*(In memory of Arthur &

Arlene Smith)

Lola Smith*

*(In memory of Kutil & Smith family)

Sherry Smith*

*(In memory of Lee Roy,

Helen, Paul & Doris Smith)

Shelia Lovely Snodgrass*

*(In memory of Lovely Family)

Anita Settle Stokeley*

*(In memory of Settle family, & Dollie Kinsolving Knight & George Knight)

Joanne & Michael Stone

Andy & Annalee Szerokman

Wanda Taylor

Carole Thornton

Philip & Linda Thornton


Jackie & Ellen Trador*

*(In memory of Homer Inghram)

Ronald & Carol Tucker

Irene Waugh*

*(In memory of Buckner Family)

Gloria Webb

Nancy White*

*(In memory of her parents)

David & Brenda Wilkinson

John & Donna Whited*

*(In memory of Buckley’s

& Cobb Family)

Barbara Vance

Thelma Young*

*(In memory of Dartt Family)

In loving memory of Delores Burdette

Anna Daniels & Hazel Landers

Gary W. Hodge

Jannet Jones

Jim & Patty Keblesh

Warren & Charotte Martin

Bernard J., Bernard & Grace L. Peters

Kevin & Kimberly Petty 

Please send donations made payable to Ward Cemetery

c/o Sherry Smith

3012 Dorsey Drive

Belle WV 25015-1806

OR donate through Paypal at

or Paypal to our email address

[email protected]

Our website is

This listing is dated June 1, 2021. Any donations received after this date will appear on next year's listing.

The Ward Cemetery Advisory Committee is a federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established by cemetery volunteers to assist in their mission of preservation and beautification of Ward Cemetery. Ward Cemetery Advisory Committee also has Public Charity Status under section 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue code.  Ward Cemetery Advisory Committee is a volunteer group and has no paid members, no paid officers, and no paid staff.  The Committee's financial records are available for viewing upon request and appointment.  

The Advisory Committee helps coordinate the care and preservation of Ward Cemetery.  All donations/fundraising money/cemetery fees collected are used to finance the care, beautification, and preservation of Ward Cemetery. These funds are managed by the Ward Cemetery Advisory Committee and used to pay for items such as, but not limited to, weed eaters, weed eater string, purchase and replacement of mowing equipment, equipment repair and maintenance, gasoline, maintenance tools, tree and brush removal, fence repair, hiring a grass cutting crew, and major projects/repairs such as flood damage repair